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...with top of the line quality products!

For Professional or amateur use : Work with many games, move all the cockpit, commercial or personnal use, 140 positions second, 150mm actuators X2, Adjustable wheel table and pedals plate. Discover the top of the line quality TopSpeed Simulator products.


Boost Your Revenue

Commercial use in mind. Boost your revenue with this top of the line simulators. Already used all around the world in VR arcades, racing centers and karting locations.


VR Triple Screens

Ready for the Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec wheels and pedals set, H-Shifter and E-brake.​ Online racing, Lan Party or stand alone.



Get Things Moving

Teleport yourself on the track in your dream car. Feel the motion of the race. Topspeed simulator will help you get on the podium. Already used in real car racing training, let’s get things moving TopSpeed’s way. Fast, reliable, precise and thrusted.


Get on the Podium

Simulator includes a Frame-Racing seat, 2 actuators 150mm, tech service, training, power supply, connectors and a 2 years warranty.

Benefit from the commercial use of TopSpeed Motion Simulators.

TopSpeed Premium Package

‧ Premium TopSpeed Simulator Unit
‧ Powerfull pre-configured PC
‧ 1000’s of tracks to choose from
‧ 1000’s of cars to choose from
‧ Force-feedback wheel
‧ Set of high indurance Pedals
‧ Fanatec line
‧ Lenovo explorer VR
‧ Custom color frame
‧ Seat options
‧ Connectors and power supply
‧ Lifetime support
‧ Online training
‧ Installation available on request

What they said

Christina Heimburger Salinsky

“By the way, as I’m sure u know, he uses ur simulator all the time. It’s truly a lifesaver for learning a new track. He’s been on it a lot lately trying to learn Mosport since we’ve never been there. So, thank u!! Definitely one of the best investments we’ve made!”


Ian Crerar

Rally CTCC Champion

“Topspeed makes a great product and exceptional value! Performance is the same as simulators costing many times as much. I love mine!”


Jared Salinsky

my name is J Salinsky and among other things I am a pro race car driver. My team Shea Racing has been in the Pirelli World Challenge for over 5 years campaigning multiple cars. Both myself and team owner Shea Holbrook use Topspeed sim to practice, learn tracks, and get much needed seat time.


Steven Ford

Pro Formula Mazda owner and driver

“the topspeedsimulator motion simulator works great and is as good or better than motion simulators I’ve personally used that cost several times more … Topspeed Sim also provides superb software and hardware support for their product after the purchase.



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